Boho Casino VIP Club in New Zealand 2024

Boho Casino is a customer-centric gaming platform, and that’s why everyone from New Zealand can participate in our VIP program. The Boho Casino VIP program consists of 8 levels and for each level, you will get new and better benefits. As you progress through the levels, you’ll receive free spins that can be used on any slot on our platform, as well as over 2,400 NZD, which can be withdrawn after wagering. You can find even more relevant information regarding our Boho Casino VIP program below.

Boho Casino VIP club offers many advantages for New Zealand Players.
Find out what is the VIP club of the Boho online casino.

On our Boho Casino gaming platform, every willing user can activate participation in the VIP program. Participating in it will bring you a lot of benefits: free, personal bonuses, and bonus funds of up to 2,400 NZD. There are a total of 7 levels in our VIP program and one that is considered zero – Hermit level.
You can get Boho Casino VIP statuses by playing slots, which are presented in our section, for each game you will be awarded Comp Points – 1 point is equal to 177 NZD. Getting a new level directly depends on the number of Comp Points, also if you gain more than 100 Comp Points you will have the opportunity to exchange them for bonus funds with minimum wagering conditions. Any real money received from CP is subject to mandatory wagering with a rate of x3, and the minimum bet amount is 7.5 NZD. The higher your VIP level, the more benefits you will receive.

There are 8 levels of Boho Casino VIP club.

To maximize the advantages of our Boho Casino Loyalty program, it is essential for users to attain the Hermit level. This level can be achieved by making a successful deposit shortly after registering, allowing users to access the full range of program benefits. After the Hermit level, there are the following:

  • Level 1 – Magician. When you get this level, you will automatically get 150 free spins, which are divided into 6 sublevels. To successfully move to the next level, wagering x45;
  • Level 2 – Moon. On the second level of our Boho Casino VIP program, you will get 250 free spins, which are also divided into smaller 6 levels, to move to the next level wager x40;
  • Level 3 – Wheel of Fortune. For reaching Level 3 you will automatically be credited with 350 free spins, which are divided into 6 smaller levels. To successfully advance to the next Boho Casino level, roll the wager x35, at an exchange rate of 1.7 NZD;
  • Level 4 – Knight of Cups. For entering the level of Knight of Cups, we give 400 free spins at once, which are divided into 6 sublevels. To advance to the next level, spin the wager x30 at an exchange rate of 1.7 NZD;
  • Level 5 – Sun. For reaching Level 5 we give VIP program users 885 NZD, which are credited in installments to the game balance after passing 6 mini-levels. This level has minimum wagering requirements – wager x25 and 1.7 NZD or 80 SR;
  • Level 6 – King of Wands. For getting the 6th Boho Casino VIP level users will get 2,390 NZD, which will be credited to the bonus account in installments when passing 6 sublevels, to reach the new level wager x20 with an exchange rate of 1.7 NZD;
  • Level 7+ – Emperor. When getting to the last level of the Boho Casino VIP program, we will design a separate personal bonus for each user based on the user’s preferences during the gameplay. To further win back the received VIP bonus funds, you will need to roll a wager of x10 at an exchange rate of 1.7 NZD.
Learn about the conditions for participation in the Boho Casino VIP club.

As with any bonus and promotional offers, the Boho Casino VIP also has some conditions not only for activation but also for wagering so that you can successfully not only move to new levels but also withdraw the won funds. Below, you can familiarize yourself with the most basic of them:

  • Each new level is subdivided into 6 mini-levels, which you need to pass to reach the next VIP level;
  • Comp Points (CP) are awarded for playing any slots for real money;
  • 1 point of CP Points is awarded for a wager of 177 NZD;
  • Once a player has accumulated at least 100 loyalty points, they will be able to redeem their earned loyalty points for bonus money with some wagering requirements;
  • The maximum wagering amount is 7.5 NZD;
  • The maximum bet amount for free spins for levels 1-2 is 75 NZD, 3 – 150 NZD, for level 4 is 300 NZD;
  • In case of absence of activity on the account for more than 3 months, all accumulated game points will be deleted without the possibility of further return;
  • The exchange rate when exchanging CP for real money – 1.7 NZD;
  • A user’s status in relation to our Boho Casino gaming platform depends directly on their loyalty program level;
  • 100 loyalty points will directly move you to a higher level of the VIP program.
Find out what bonuses participation in the Boho Casino loyalty club gives to a player.

Our Boho Casino VIP program will surely impress you, as it has various advantages that we will tell you about below:

  • Birthday bonus. For all users of the VIP program, we prepare a personalized birthday bonus;
  • Personal 24/7 support. For you being a VIP member, we also give you personal support care, therefore, your requests will be prioritized when you use the support team;
  • Exclusive VIP rewards. Each month, Boho Casino prepares new exclusive rewards that VIP users can get. This includes free spins, free bonuses, merchandise, and many more things that can be quite useful to you;
  • VIP points converter. When playing games while using the VIP program, you will be getting VIP points for each successful bet. In case you want to, you can convert these points into real money, which will appear on your Boho Casino account immediately.

All these benefits are truly useful when using our VIP club. Of course, we update these features as well, so to know about all of them, you can check out the VIP program yourself or ask the support team for more detailed information.

How to become a VIP member at the Boho Casino?

To activate your membership in our VIP program at the Boho Casino, you just need to make at least one successful deposit and start playing our games. After that you will automatically pass the zero level and move to the first level.

How to increase Boho Casino loyalty levels?

To move up to new levels of our VIP program and get even more great offers and free spins, you need to earn back the bonus funds from the previous level and pass 6 sublevels.

What if I don’t use Boho Casino VIP Club?

If you are not yet a member of our VIP program, you still have access to all the gambling entertainment and casino games on our Boho gaming platform.

Where can I see my VIP level at Boho Casino?

To see your current VIP level, visit your account where you will see a corresponding number next to it.

How to withdraw my Boho Casino VIP bonus?

You will first need to meet all the current wagering requirements, after which you can use one of the available Boho Casino payment methods and withdraw your winnings instantly in NZD.

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