Boho Casino Privacy Policy 2024

On this page, you can find information regarding the privacy policy that the Boho Casino website has in place for its customers. You can also find information about the transfer of sensitive data to third parties, what information we may collect about our customers, what cookies are, and keeping your data secure.

Check out Boho Casino privacy policy information.

We often collect personal and contact information from our customers:

  • We may request any information relating to monetary transactions that are conducted through our gaming platform, including data relating to deposits and withdrawals of funds won;
  • We may occasionally conduct various surveys of our customers to improve the quality of our gambling services and may therefore request any feedback you may have regarding our performance;
  • We may request any information that relates directly to our communication as a company/customer, correspondence with us via the web version or mobile application, web chat, or email;
  • We may request any contact and personal information in the context of going through registration or verification processes;
  • We may also request access to your geo-position, traffic data, your web page logs or logs, or any data relating to your browser or mobile device.

All of the information we receive from users listed above we use to accomplish certain goals that will help make the Boho Casino platform work better:

  • We conduct surveys and do static analysis;
  • Comply with all legal obligations, including ensuring compliance with anti-fraud and anti-money laundering laws;
  • Research the market and analyze our clients’ trends and offer some optional surveys;
  • Assist in resolving any issues or problems that arise during the gaming process, including during the setup of your account;
  • Ensure that regular checks are carried out;
  • Process information regarding bets and all transactions made through the Boho platform;
  • Provide users with various support and gaming services;
  • Notify customers in a timely manner when new promotional, bonus or promotional offers are available.

Boho Casino has a strict stance on creating a secure environment for users’ personal and contact information, therefore any collection of personal information on our platform is a completely secure process, below you can find out exactly how we keep your personal and contact information secure:

  • We build a privacy policy for the information users leave on our Boho gaming platform following business practices and applicable regulations;
  • We ensure that we provide safe services to our customers by using reasonable precautions;
  • We give our customers the right to withdraw consent, if you give any consent on our gaming platform we give you the right to withdraw your consent at any time;
  • You can only access your customer account using a login and password;
  • We offer all customers to set up two-factor authentication (2FA) as an additional protection to keep your data completely private.

Boho Casino collects information about the customer right at the time of visit, this includes your browser, IP address, and referring website. Software providers and our trusted partners also have access to this collection of information. All information we obtain through the use of cookies we do not use to identify you personally. Cookies are small text files that are automatically stored on the device from which you visit the Boho Casino platform. Below you can find brief information about the specific types of cookies we collect:

  • Mandatory Cookies. Helps provide basic website functionality and also provides a smooth navigation experience on the platform;
  • Functional Cookies. Allows us to offer you a more personalized gaming experience based on the actions you take on our Boho gaming platform;
  • Advertising Cookies. Helps us determine how high our content marketing is, and it also allows us to ensure that new users sign up more frequently through advertising.

We do not share or rent your personal information to third parties, however, there are a few exceptions, such as your confidential information being requested by legal subpoenas or warrants, or in terms of applicable law. Also, if we realize that disclosure of your personal information is necessary to protect the legitimate interests of the company we may release it to applicable law enforcement agencies. Below we outline a few instances in which we will be required to share your sensitive data:

  • If required by applicable law;
  • If the information needs to be shared with payment processors with whom we cooperate;
  • If the company considers that the transfer of sensitive customer data is necessary to protect security;
  • If our marketing service providers need the data to perform their tasks;
  • We may share personal information with a third party if we have obtained the customer’s consent in advance.

We may share information with third parties to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations to licensing and regulatory authorities.